Eliminate Beer Waste with the Self Regulating DraftMore

Learn how a DraftMore regulator can pay for itself by the end of the first keg and why it provides a fast return on your investment. Find the ideal applications for different draft beer delivery systems and beer styles.

Stop Keg Shrinkage

Get more beer out of every keg  by eliminating foam and decreasing pour time.  Watch the video below to see how we are saving beer and bar owners money every day!

Save Time & Money with DraftMore

Watch Our Easy Installation Video

Draftmore Can Handle All of These Draft Beer Systems

Perfect for Kegerators

Direct Draw Dream System

Long Draw Systems - Perfect Pours

Long Draw Blended Gas - Long Lines Uphill

Mobile Trailers and Jockey Boxes

Draftmore Regulators do not work with 100% CO2 System with long traveling uphill lines with no beer pumps. Contact us if you have a question about your system and Draftmore compatibility.

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